Early morning October walk

When the clocks change for the winter most people want to weep… I was one of those people this morning.

Up at 6.48 with a little man demanding his mummy’s attention…. However when I looked at my trusted iPhone….. I knew it was actually 5.48 and oh did I feel that urge to weep!!!

But as all mums out there know when you have a little person wanting their breakfast bottle while trying to pull your unwashed hair…. Weep all you want but we must keep going!!

This morning after our nappy change wriggle fest and our disgruntled breakfast session…. I decided to bare the cold and go for an October walk!!

The rain cover on and off we went….


The autumn leaves blowing in the wind brought shrieks of laughter to my happy little kicking man!! He kicked and shrieked and oh’d and ah’d until he was out for the count.

The fresh air worked wonders for him and me…. I no longer had that early morning headache and I could walk home quickly and sit in the garden still rocking the buggy and have a quick alfresco coffee.

Don’t you just love those blustery mornings?!?!



Beautiful walk

Antrim doesn’t have a lot to offer…. Well that is what people might have said a couple of years ago. However things are changing!!!

A trip to the castle grounds in antrim turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

A new pathway has been designed to take you in among forest, riverside, lakeside, walled gardens and many more nooks and crannies!!!

The gardens are amazing….. Colours galore and the wildlife is amazing. We saw butterflies, squirrels, bumble bees and a Heron!!!



The coffee shop is gorgeous…. Very child friendly and dog friendly too, if you are that way inclined!!

Antrim castle grounds definitely gets the thumbs up from me!!!


And from little man as he munches on his gingernut!