Aqua babies

I decided a couple of months ago to give the Aqua Babies a try. So I emailed the girl and put my name on the waiting list…. To be told about three weeks ago that there was a space available to us.

I must admit I was very anxious as swimming on my own with felt like a mammoth task. Especially as my baby bear is practically walking and definitely not going to sit still when i get changed.

I decided to put all of my fears back into their box and give it a go. So this morning I decided to take him to a soft play area to try and encourage a little sleep before our swim…. “Your having a laugh mum” he might as well of said to me. As no sleep appeared!!!

But hey ho….. The show must go on!! So off to swimming we went. We arrived at twelve and didn’t leave until a quarter to two, but we had a ball.

The first drama happened before we weren’t even out of our clothes…. The buggy wouldn’t fit in the changing room. However a changing room attendant helped…. So panic over.

The class was so much fun, little man loved every minute. He splashed and shrieked that much we had to move to the back of the line as so not to annoy anyone. The submersion was a little terrifying but definitely manageable. The teacher was in the pool the whole time with us, demonstrating with different babies all the moves. With every move there was a word or phrase that had to be said, with the hope that the babies will associate the word with the action.

The general idea with aqua babies is the children will not fear the water and know they can be safe. The submersions are not forced, however they are encouraged. Little man didn’t really know what was happening, he seemed shocked when he realised he had just been under the water.

The best part about the class was all the different holding/ carrying methods I now know how to use.

Changing afterwards was a little scary, however I met some lovely other mums and we all helped each other, which was nice. My monster was ravenous after the whole experience so we stopped quickly in the cafe for a bite to eat, I had a plate of chips…. I felt I had earned them!!

I think I definitely have grown in confidence from the one session and am looking forward to the next session.

Today I put my own fears aside for my little man, lets hope I get more days like today.