who needs food?!

For the last couple of days, i have had a little monster who point blank refuses to eat. I have tried everything, from eating in front of television, eating a picnic style dinner in the living room with toys and books, eating while walking and crawling; nothing worked. 

I have spent the last couple of days making all his favourite foods to have them being spat out at me as soon as the spoon enters his mouth. It actually got to the stage he wouldn’t even taste the food on his spoon, I was literally pulling my hair out. He only has one tooth, therefore finger foods revolve around toast/ toasted muffins/ bread sticks etc, however none of these are what you would call substantial dinners.

Last night we tried mince and potatoes (liquidized), chicken casserole (liquidized), toast with cheese; the only thing he would eat even a little bit of, was his organic strawberry yoghurt. All that goes through your head is when will I be able to get to sleep, as if he doesn’t eat he won’t sleep. We worried that he wouldn’t get enough food to sustain him through the night. However he slept till half seven. Where is the sense in that?

I have after a day of refection decided to leave him not eat if that is what he wants at dinner time. I do not want to make him unhappy, I do not want him to associate unhappiness with his highchair and dinner time. I will not force feed him, I do not want an unhappy little bunny at dinner time. 

After spending time thinking about all the pros and cons of this decision, he ate all his dinner tonight?! Would you believe that!

I talked to him non stop, let him choose between his toasted muffin, soup or custard. I discussed how that we were going to have stop playing in advance, turned the tv off and walked him through to the kitchen. I let him watch me pour his soup into his bowl, butter his toasted muffin. I then let him watch me whisk the custard powder into the warmed milk. 

It was a very talkative dinner….

“In your soup we have courgette, leek, butternut squash….. “,

“would you like another bit of buttered muffin?”,

“can you see the butter melting on your hot muffin?”.

He was like a different boy. He sat transfixed on his dinner and smiled and chatted through eating it. We gave him a wooden spoon and spatula to investigate and he was like a miniature Gordan Ramsey sitting up in his high chair, like lord of the manner. 

Just when you think you have figured them out, when you think you have decided the way forward…. they go and change it all up again.

Life is tricky with a little person in your life, but it is worth all the sleepless nights, worth all the emotional turmoil, worth all the ups and downs. They throw something new into the mix every time, just when you think you have it all sorted out they change it all again.

May tomorrow bring a little man who eats or doesn’t eat, who sleeps or doesn’t sleep, who shouts or doesn’t shout, he is our little bundle of joy and thats all that matters.