First Red Cup of the Year


What an amazing day…. Woke up and little man was in the best of forms. Between his playpen and roaming around his bedroom (with the stair gate over his door)… Just incase you think I am a mad woman, I managed to clean our bathrooms, Hoover and wash our down stairs.

For anyone out there who hadn’t got a very attached little one year, this is quite an achievement!

I was so proud of myself, my gorgeous son and adorable chocolate lab ( who actually allowed me to do all these things without attaching himself to my ass ). I decided to celebrate the morning with my long waited for first red cup!!

A red cup signifies Christmas, cosey nights in by the fire, catch up with the girls, quick take away coffees with my amazing husband while our little man sleeps in the car with us. I LOVE red cups …. My favourite is the gingerbread latte…. Extra hot, skinny, wet, decaf!!! Mmmmmm delish

So footmuff attached to buggy, easy leader attached to dog and coated hatted baby into the buggy and off we went!!

The weather was so crisp and cold…. Everything a winter walk should be. After about ten minutes walking my little monster was out for the count and I tilted his buggy back…. Which luckily didn’t wake him. We walked about half an hour to our nearest Starbucks and the most amazing thing happened….

The whole way down I was waying up the inevitable …. Dog not allowed in shop. My dog is my other half…. Well apart from my husband that is. He is very very seldom on his own…. So there was no way I was tying him up outside. I was intending to knock the window until someone came out to help, however as I was mulling this all over a gentleman approached and asked if I would like him to hold benson!!!

What an amazing stroke of red cup luck…. I quickly ran in with sleeping baby in buggy placed my order….

Large, skinny, extra hot, decaf, gingerbread latte.

Asked them politely to bring it out to me and ran back out. Note I decided it being the first of many I would treat myself to cream….. Mmmmmmm.

I was so thankful to the gentleman and he seemed so pleased to have got a cuddle from benson. My coffee arrived and off we went home. What an amazing morning.

Let’s hope this year brings lots more of them.


Don’t you just love a crisp autumn morning.

Early morning October walk

When the clocks change for the winter most people want to weep… I was one of those people this morning.

Up at 6.48 with a little man demanding his mummy’s attention…. However when I looked at my trusted iPhone….. I knew it was actually 5.48 and oh did I feel that urge to weep!!!

But as all mums out there know when you have a little person wanting their breakfast bottle while trying to pull your unwashed hair…. Weep all you want but we must keep going!!

This morning after our nappy change wriggle fest and our disgruntled breakfast session…. I decided to bare the cold and go for an October walk!!

The rain cover on and off we went….


The autumn leaves blowing in the wind brought shrieks of laughter to my happy little kicking man!! He kicked and shrieked and oh’d and ah’d until he was out for the count.

The fresh air worked wonders for him and me…. I no longer had that early morning headache and I could walk home quickly and sit in the garden still rocking the buggy and have a quick alfresco coffee.

Don’t you just love those blustery mornings?!?!