The lengths we go to for sleep

Today my little baby bear slept through till half seven. He used to do this frequently, however the last couple of weeks it’s been anything from 5.45 to 6.30. Which is hard going!!!

I know there will be some people out there who just want to shake the screen they are reading. I know I’m lucky…. But trust me, it will happen!!

So last night I decided to time the heating so it would come on at half five in his room and stay on for an hour. I also added to his window two dark blankets to make it even darker.

We have gone through all the usual…. Black out blind type situations, baby rice in the night time bottle… Anything for sleep.

However my biggest piece of advice is not any of the above, it is instead routine. Our days can be bedlam, ever changeable, though our night time routine stays the same.

Once it hits seven o’clock, it is bath time, them into mummy and daddy’s bedroom for drying, moisturising, changed for bedtime and cuddles. I then take my very sleepy and excited little man into his darkened room for his warm bottle.

When our first foot steps onto our stairs, I swear I can hear a sigh of relief from our little man. He knows the routine so well, he is settled and calm.

He sleeps every night on a natural sheep skin, all nice and cosy and most importantly safe. My mother bought us one and then my parents in law brought one back from Australia. They are amazing…. Keeps them warm when they are cold and cool when they are warm and most importantly they can breath through the wool.

So my advice… Bedtime routine.