It’s been a while

So it really has been a while…. And I hope you will forgive me for my absence. With baby two now on the way and a really not so nice bout of sickness and nausea at the start, I am now starting to feel more like myself. However it has been hard!

I am so blessed to be preggers again and I feel so happy about the situation, however this is now….. A couple of months ago was a different story. Well that’s not entirely true…. I still felt blessed and was very happy, though along with that came extremes …. Nausea ( all the time ), vomiting uncontrollably about two/ three times a week, tiredness so bad I could have slept at any time of day.

Yeah I know what some of you are thinking….. You did it! Yes I did…. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. But the second pregnancy when you have a one year old who needs mummy’s full attention is much harder than I had ever expected!!

However now that I am (hopefully) over this first little hurdle I can start to enjoy myself again. I hate these people that moan through pregnancy…. So I promise my little bit of moaning is well and truly over. It’s all good from now on….. Promise!

This morning when daddy was tending to our unruly garden for the first time this year, I tended to our gorgeous little man and some cleaning at the same time….

Here is little man’s Sunday morning masterpiece ( with a little help from mummy )



…. Here is poor daddy still working hard!!

Creation station experience

My lovely friend booked my son and her daughter into a Creation Station session for Christmas. I had never heard of this new phenomena, but I do now!!

We had to be there for 10.30 the kids were then stripped down to bare feet and bundled into a very fetching all in one creation station suit.


The girl organising the event opened up a discovery bag (a huge furry blanket filled with noisy feely things ). Of course no fear in my monkey he was head first into the pile of new toys!


In this pile was their first experiment … And experiment is the true word. They had to pick a Christmas stencil and then the Creation Station leader attached it to a piece of paper. We then all retreated to the front of the building for the messy paint brush experience. They had a ball and so did the mums!! My little man was more interested in painting his toes green than his king stencil. However we got there in the end, with a lot of crawling, walking, and a little temper tantrum throwing as mummy wanted him to sit!!


We then had the best time every when our feet were actually painted to make our very own “mistle toes”. Which granny very kindly decorated, while I watched to terrible pair while the ate their snack which was provided by creation station.

What an enjoyable but hectic session at Creation Station. I would definitely encourage anyone to go if they get a chance. My little man and his wee friend enjoyed it immensely and have evidence to prove it! Lol



Good morning

When you wake to hear the wind howling outside your window, and the sound of your baby in the monitor, it’s a roll over, covers over head moment.

However this morning wasn’t that bad…. Cuddles, giggles, tickles and kisses. Don’t you just love these mornings!!

And it was only eight o’clock …. So we have had a lie in!!!! Fabulous.

Please excuse the early morning picture of myself, but I just wanted to show you all how fun early windy cold mornings can be….



Christmas has arrived


Last year our little man was only a couple of months old so he was oblivious to Christmas and everything that came with it. However this year it is very very different.

Every day he comes down the stairs with me for his bottle and mummy cuddle and looks at our tree like he has seen it for the first time.

We decided to put our tree up early so he could fully experience the excitement of the lights etc.


His first introduction was met with a lot of ohhs and aghs!!

Then he decided to give it a kick just to check it didn’t move…


Christmas is going to be fun in our house…. The tree has been tugged, kicked and pulled over and it has only been up a week!!

But our little tree is loved by all!! And it’s Christmas is going to be fun packed living in our house along with our little man!!

The Little Monster’s Drawer


I have found that keeping a drawer in my kitchen for my little man helps give me ten mins. Isn’t that horrendous that I actually plan situations to allow me time to do things. My world revolves around keeping a certain busy little one year old entertained, however I enjoy every minute of it.

Little man used to pull open all the drawers in our kitchen trying to lift all the objects out. This continued until he lifted a Pyrex bowl out and dropped it on to the tiled floor. Needless to say after cleaning shards of glass up for days, we decided enough was enough.

“little monster’s drawer” was created. Inside is a range of objects, mostly plastic Tupperware containers, some clippers, plastic Tupperware lids. You could fill it with toys or anything that is safe but still exciting for your little one.

He loves to rearrange, pull out and investigate all the objects. My tidy tidy husband did find this invention a little hard to accept at first, as the drawer is chaos. However we both agree if chaos means a happy, safe little chappy then it is worth it!!


Boxes are the way forward

When life gets a little full on in my house, when my little man needs some entertaining and I need some time to tidy etc…. We pull out the boxes


This morning I needed to sort out the washing, tidy a few things in the kitchen and little man decided he needed mummy all to himself.

Tv can be the answer, however it is something I don’t like to resort to all the time. I don’t want my son being brain washed by tv, that’s not to say he never gets to watch it. If possible we try to encourage exploration, through play.

I am trying to encourage him to be able to entertain himself and not need the constant intervention of an adult.

I discovered that the best play tools can sometimes be the least expensive and the most surprising of objects.


Even benson was entertained!!!

Baby in boot??

I just don’t get this!! For anyone out there reading this post that does not have a clue what I’m chatting about, I will try to explain.

Today on a national news site there is an article concerning a baby being found living in a boot of a car by a mechanic!!

I know…. Shock horror was the first thing that happened to me. How can a baby live in a boot?!?

This child it has been reported has subsequent developmental delays and growth problems!!! How the heavens could the poor mite not be suffering?!

I can not for the life of me understand why something like this happens. We are in 2013 and a poor baby has been found in a boot…. And more to the point the mother it has been reported thinks this is not strange.

I am flabbergasted! The world is a strange and even more strange place when you read the news.

Perhaps we shouldn’t read the news, perhaps we are better living without the shock of humanity! The fear of human nature. Because let’s face it…. It’s us humans that are doing these horrendous things.

Rain rain go away come again another day…

What is with this weather?!?

How are we yummy mummies supposed to deal with this wet miserable rain?? Sorry I should change my phrasing… How are we “wet, tired, soggy clothed” mummies supposed to deal with it??

For anyone out there that has a one year old, hyper, independent little person to entertain…. I feel your pain.

Waking up to rain at 6.30 in the morning is tough, but to look outside at half eight and see that it has only got wetter and darker…. And your one year old has started to get tetchy as he wants to be out and about!! It’s hard.

This morning we got up and dressed, had our usual morning routine of bottle, play, breakfast, more play and then dressed. I then decided to brave the weather and get everyone into the car… Chocolate lab comes too!!

Asda…. Oh the joys of somewhere dry!! We spent half an hour wondering around the aisles and little man was a happy bunny. I had the get some birthday cards and he spent the whole time in his seat in the trolley taking the cellophane of the cards! He loved it!!!

It’s hard to entertain a little independent person, but today Asda and their cards had the answer for me. Plus I managed to get some groceries!!!!


Mummy : 1

Wet miserable day : 0

Early morning October walk

When the clocks change for the winter most people want to weep… I was one of those people this morning.

Up at 6.48 with a little man demanding his mummy’s attention…. However when I looked at my trusted iPhone….. I knew it was actually 5.48 and oh did I feel that urge to weep!!!

But as all mums out there know when you have a little person wanting their breakfast bottle while trying to pull your unwashed hair…. Weep all you want but we must keep going!!

This morning after our nappy change wriggle fest and our disgruntled breakfast session…. I decided to bare the cold and go for an October walk!!

The rain cover on and off we went….


The autumn leaves blowing in the wind brought shrieks of laughter to my happy little kicking man!! He kicked and shrieked and oh’d and ah’d until he was out for the count.

The fresh air worked wonders for him and me…. I no longer had that early morning headache and I could walk home quickly and sit in the garden still rocking the buggy and have a quick alfresco coffee.

Don’t you just love those blustery mornings?!?!



The lengths we go to for sleep

Today my little baby bear slept through till half seven. He used to do this frequently, however the last couple of weeks it’s been anything from 5.45 to 6.30. Which is hard going!!!

I know there will be some people out there who just want to shake the screen they are reading. I know I’m lucky…. But trust me, it will happen!!

So last night I decided to time the heating so it would come on at half five in his room and stay on for an hour. I also added to his window two dark blankets to make it even darker.

We have gone through all the usual…. Black out blind type situations, baby rice in the night time bottle… Anything for sleep.

However my biggest piece of advice is not any of the above, it is instead routine. Our days can be bedlam, ever changeable, though our night time routine stays the same.

Once it hits seven o’clock, it is bath time, them into mummy and daddy’s bedroom for drying, moisturising, changed for bedtime and cuddles. I then take my very sleepy and excited little man into his darkened room for his warm bottle.

When our first foot steps onto our stairs, I swear I can hear a sigh of relief from our little man. He knows the routine so well, he is settled and calm.

He sleeps every night on a natural sheep skin, all nice and cosy and most importantly safe. My mother bought us one and then my parents in law brought one back from Australia. They are amazing…. Keeps them warm when they are cold and cool when they are warm and most importantly they can breath through the wool.

So my advice… Bedtime routine.