Maryville tearoom

A couple of months ago I went to Maryville Tearooms in Belfast, I love it there. The afternoon tea is gorgeous…. ¬†selection of sandwiches, home-made scones and then little cakes to finish it all off. The tea choice is great too, from Suki flavoured teas to loose black teas, really top class.


However if you have a baby its a no go, well a baby that needs its nappy changed!!

When I asked where I could change my little man’s nappy, I was shown to the communal toilet at the bottom of the stairs. Inside the bathroom I discovered a towelling covered plastic baby mat, which I had to use on the floor. I mentioned earlier that this was a communal toilet; for men and women.

Can you imagine my disgust at having to change my little man on a floor, where people walk and unfortunately men tinkle. This may sound extreme but it was filthy!

Things were made worse by the fact that my little man doesn’t exactly stay still anymore and wanted to roll off the mat on to the dirty floor.

My views on the Maryville Tearooms is lovely, but not baby friendly!!