The Little Monster’s Drawer


I have found that keeping a drawer in my kitchen for my little man helps give me ten mins. Isn’t that horrendous that I actually plan situations to allow me time to do things. My world revolves around keeping a certain busy little one year old entertained, however I enjoy every minute of it.

Little man used to pull open all the drawers in our kitchen trying to lift all the objects out. This continued until he lifted a Pyrex bowl out and dropped it on to the tiled floor. Needless to say after cleaning shards of glass up for days, we decided enough was enough.

“little monster’s drawer” was created. Inside is a range of objects, mostly plastic Tupperware containers, some clippers, plastic Tupperware lids. You could fill it with toys or anything that is safe but still exciting for your little one.

He loves to rearrange, pull out and investigate all the objects. My tidy tidy husband did find this invention a little hard to accept at first, as the drawer is chaos. However we both agree if chaos means a happy, safe little chappy then it is worth it!!


Boxes are the way forward

When life gets a little full on in my house, when my little man needs some entertaining and I need some time to tidy etc…. We pull out the boxes


This morning I needed to sort out the washing, tidy a few things in the kitchen and little man decided he needed mummy all to himself.

Tv can be the answer, however it is something I don’t like to resort to all the time. I don’t want my son being brain washed by tv, that’s not to say he never gets to watch it. If possible we try to encourage exploration, through play.

I am trying to encourage him to be able to entertain himself and not need the constant intervention of an adult.

I discovered that the best play tools can sometimes be the least expensive and the most surprising of objects.


Even benson was entertained!!!

First Red Cup of the Year


What an amazing day…. Woke up and little man was in the best of forms. Between his playpen and roaming around his bedroom (with the stair gate over his door)… Just incase you think I am a mad woman, I managed to clean our bathrooms, Hoover and wash our down stairs.

For anyone out there who hadn’t got a very attached little one year, this is quite an achievement!

I was so proud of myself, my gorgeous son and adorable chocolate lab ( who actually allowed me to do all these things without attaching himself to my ass ). I decided to celebrate the morning with my long waited for first red cup!!

A red cup signifies Christmas, cosey nights in by the fire, catch up with the girls, quick take away coffees with my amazing husband while our little man sleeps in the car with us. I LOVE red cups …. My favourite is the gingerbread latte…. Extra hot, skinny, wet, decaf!!! Mmmmmm delish

So footmuff attached to buggy, easy leader attached to dog and coated hatted baby into the buggy and off we went!!

The weather was so crisp and cold…. Everything a winter walk should be. After about ten minutes walking my little monster was out for the count and I tilted his buggy back…. Which luckily didn’t wake him. We walked about half an hour to our nearest Starbucks and the most amazing thing happened….

The whole way down I was waying up the inevitable …. Dog not allowed in shop. My dog is my other half…. Well apart from my husband that is. He is very very seldom on his own…. So there was no way I was tying him up outside. I was intending to knock the window until someone came out to help, however as I was mulling this all over a gentleman approached and asked if I would like him to hold benson!!!

What an amazing stroke of red cup luck…. I quickly ran in with sleeping baby in buggy placed my order….

Large, skinny, extra hot, decaf, gingerbread latte.

Asked them politely to bring it out to me and ran back out. Note I decided it being the first of many I would treat myself to cream….. Mmmmmmm.

I was so thankful to the gentleman and he seemed so pleased to have got a cuddle from benson. My coffee arrived and off we went home. What an amazing morning.

Let’s hope this year brings lots more of them.


Don’t you just love a crisp autumn morning.

Rain rain go away come again another day…

What is with this weather?!?

How are we yummy mummies supposed to deal with this wet miserable rain?? Sorry I should change my phrasing… How are we “wet, tired, soggy clothed” mummies supposed to deal with it??

For anyone out there that has a one year old, hyper, independent little person to entertain…. I feel your pain.

Waking up to rain at 6.30 in the morning is tough, but to look outside at half eight and see that it has only got wetter and darker…. And your one year old has started to get tetchy as he wants to be out and about!! It’s hard.

This morning we got up and dressed, had our usual morning routine of bottle, play, breakfast, more play and then dressed. I then decided to brave the weather and get everyone into the car… Chocolate lab comes too!!

Asda…. Oh the joys of somewhere dry!! We spent half an hour wondering around the aisles and little man was a happy bunny. I had the get some birthday cards and he spent the whole time in his seat in the trolley taking the cellophane of the cards! He loved it!!!

It’s hard to entertain a little independent person, but today Asda and their cards had the answer for me. Plus I managed to get some groceries!!!!


Mummy : 1

Wet miserable day : 0

Early morning October walk

When the clocks change for the winter most people want to weep… I was one of those people this morning.

Up at 6.48 with a little man demanding his mummy’s attention…. However when I looked at my trusted iPhone….. I knew it was actually 5.48 and oh did I feel that urge to weep!!!

But as all mums out there know when you have a little person wanting their breakfast bottle while trying to pull your unwashed hair…. Weep all you want but we must keep going!!

This morning after our nappy change wriggle fest and our disgruntled breakfast session…. I decided to bare the cold and go for an October walk!!

The rain cover on and off we went….


The autumn leaves blowing in the wind brought shrieks of laughter to my happy little kicking man!! He kicked and shrieked and oh’d and ah’d until he was out for the count.

The fresh air worked wonders for him and me…. I no longer had that early morning headache and I could walk home quickly and sit in the garden still rocking the buggy and have a quick alfresco coffee.

Don’t you just love those blustery mornings?!?!



Aqua babies

I decided a couple of months ago to give the Aqua Babies a try. So I emailed the girl and put my name on the waiting list…. To be told about three weeks ago that there was a space available to us.

I must admit I was very anxious as swimming on my own with felt like a mammoth task. Especially as my baby bear is practically walking and definitely not going to sit still when i get changed.

I decided to put all of my fears back into their box and give it a go. So this morning I decided to take him to a soft play area to try and encourage a little sleep before our swim…. “Your having a laugh mum” he might as well of said to me. As no sleep appeared!!!

But hey ho….. The show must go on!! So off to swimming we went. We arrived at twelve and didn’t leave until a quarter to two, but we had a ball.

The first drama happened before we weren’t even out of our clothes…. The buggy wouldn’t fit in the changing room. However a changing room attendant helped…. So panic over.

The class was so much fun, little man loved every minute. He splashed and shrieked that much we had to move to the back of the line as so not to annoy anyone. The submersion was a little terrifying but definitely manageable. The teacher was in the pool the whole time with us, demonstrating with different babies all the moves. With every move there was a word or phrase that had to be said, with the hope that the babies will associate the word with the action.

The general idea with aqua babies is the children will not fear the water and know they can be safe. The submersions are not forced, however they are encouraged. Little man didn’t really know what was happening, he seemed shocked when he realised he had just been under the water.

The best part about the class was all the different holding/ carrying methods I now know how to use.

Changing afterwards was a little scary, however I met some lovely other mums and we all helped each other, which was nice. My monster was ravenous after the whole experience so we stopped quickly in the cafe for a bite to eat, I had a plate of chips…. I felt I had earned them!!

I think I definitely have grown in confidence from the one session and am looking forward to the next session.

Today I put my own fears aside for my little man, lets hope I get more days like today.

The lengths we go to for sleep

Today my little baby bear slept through till half seven. He used to do this frequently, however the last couple of weeks it’s been anything from 5.45 to 6.30. Which is hard going!!!

I know there will be some people out there who just want to shake the screen they are reading. I know I’m lucky…. But trust me, it will happen!!

So last night I decided to time the heating so it would come on at half five in his room and stay on for an hour. I also added to his window two dark blankets to make it even darker.

We have gone through all the usual…. Black out blind type situations, baby rice in the night time bottle… Anything for sleep.

However my biggest piece of advice is not any of the above, it is instead routine. Our days can be bedlam, ever changeable, though our night time routine stays the same.

Once it hits seven o’clock, it is bath time, them into mummy and daddy’s bedroom for drying, moisturising, changed for bedtime and cuddles. I then take my very sleepy and excited little man into his darkened room for his warm bottle.

When our first foot steps onto our stairs, I swear I can hear a sigh of relief from our little man. He knows the routine so well, he is settled and calm.

He sleeps every night on a natural sheep skin, all nice and cosy and most importantly safe. My mother bought us one and then my parents in law brought one back from Australia. They are amazing…. Keeps them warm when they are cold and cool when they are warm and most importantly they can breath through the wool.

So my advice… Bedtime routine.

High chair toast


Any parent will know that sometimes the high chair can be the last place your baby/ toddler wants to be. However when it comes to dinner/ lunch time, the high chair is the safest and easiest place to have your child.

Trust me I have tried everything from feeding him his dinner in my arms, while he is sitting on the floor with his toys and even when he is crawling around the floor….. All to stop a crying session.

My mum came in one day and experienced the crying match surrounding the high chair and within two minutes had turned the whole situation round.

We call it high chair toast….
A bit of toasted and buttered bread cut into tiny pieces.



The outcome is amazing….

~feeding themselves
~working on their fine motor…. Pincer grip
~concentrating on the small pieces of toast, what they feel, taste and smell like.

And when they are doing all this they are being quiet!!! Yipppeeee

And you can also feed them their dinner in between buttery toast mouthfuls!! Which is the outcome we all hope for…. A tantrum free successful feeding time!

Playpen trick

My little man doesn’t enjoy being left alone for any length of time in his playpen…. He likes his freedom. Since he learned to climb, crawl and understand that in his playpen he is trapped, we have had a playpen standoff!!

So I’m trying lots of different techniques and am very keen for any other suggestions. Today I’ve put all his toys in a hessian shopper bag allowing him to pull them out and investigate…. So far it’s not going too well…. But I’ll keep you posted …. Fingers crossed!!!

Ps perhaps it’s because it is nearly breakfast time!!





Round one of the playpen trick….

Didn’t work too well, i tried it later in the day after little man had been fed and watered and entertained for while, it was a disaster.


Round two….

However today i tried a new technique of giving him his bottle in the playpen after i had given him most of it, he lay happily playing with the remainder of it in the pen, I also had moved the playpen into the living room so he had the tv to look at and me. He actually sat/lay very content for about half an hour!!!

I managed to get the ironing done and little man managed to have some down time, on his own!!

I really think I’m going to try to persevere with the play pen, I think it is important that he can play happily by himself and not need constant attention. He has a knack of loving a toy for about 2 mins and then throwing it down and looking for something else…. is this normal at ten months??

Round three….

We have come on our wee end of summer get away, to stay with my grandmother in Scotland…. Portpatrick to be exact. Needless to say we had to get a travel cot and after a brilliant nights sleep last night, we thought we’d try it out as a makeshift playpen this morning.

So off came the natural fleece Alex sleeps with and in went a few toys. He was great because there was only a fewtoys…. Maybe three in total. He seemed more focused on the toys that was there and enjoyed playing with them.

There was also a full length mirror attached to the wall which was beside the cot. He enjoyed standing on his tippy toes looking at himself…. He gets this from his father!!! Lol.

So perhaps fewer toys and maybe a visible mirror is the way forward…. Will retry tomorrow morning and keep you updated.