Roasted sweet potato and butternut squash soup

I decided I hadn’t used sweet potato in any of my recipes for a while and as my little monster has started to eat again, I wanted to try and vary his diet as much as possible.

I am guilty of making some batches of food for him and repeating them over and over. However after his little hunger strike I thought variety was the key to keep him interested.

I decided to make a new recipe…. A variation of my lentil soup; sweet potato and butternut squash soup.

3 roasted sweet potatoes
1 chopped and peeled butternut squash
1 onion
1 leek
3 carrots
Ham stock

I roasted the sweet potatoes the night before while cooking our dinner. I just prick them and place them on a baking tray for 30 mins in 180 degree fan oven. Leave to cool and them squeeze out the flesh and cool before popping into fridge.

I chopped and peeled the butternut squash discarded any seeds and stringy fleshy part. I then peeled and chopped the carrots and sautéed everything in a large pan with butter for 15mins.


I then added the onion and leek and sautéed for a further fifteen minutes.


I finally added the stock and brought through the boil and simmered for 30 mins and blitzed with my trusty hand blender!!

And hey presto sweet potato and butternut squash soup!!

He loves it and so did everyone else…. A great family lunch or dinner. Packed full of vegetables and very tasty. You can adjust the seasoning once you have taken out the little person’s portions. I usually add more stock cubes however salt and pepper would just do the same job!!

Let me know what you think!!



Butternut squash soup

So a couple of weeks ago I had a butternut squash in the fridge and it had been sitting a while….

So I decided to make some soup. The recipe was adapted by myself from my lentil and carrot soup recipe.

2 onion
1 leek
3 carrots
1 peeled seeded and chopped butternut squash.

All sautéed together with butter until tender on a medium heat and then ham stock was added, about a litre of water with two/ three ham stock cubes ( depending on what you and your little one likes).

I then brought it through the boil and left it simmer for thirty minutes and then blitzed. I use a metal hand blender rather than transferring to a food processor.

My husband loved it and my little man eat away at it.

Cheap and very nutritious meal for a little person and makes loads!!


Quick tip…..

To thicken I would heat with some breadcrumbs or make croutons using the high hair toast…. See my earlier post!


Haddock and pea mush

Since it is Halloween I thought I would experiment with green food for my own little monster…

My invention…. Edible green goo!!!

Two pieces of boneless haddock
Handful of frozen peas
250 ml of full fat milk.

I poached the haddock in a sauté pan in the milk, removed the skin when it was cooked through. You can tell this as the fish turns opaque white, rather than the see through raw white in comes as.

The skin peels off very easily using a kitchen knife. I then poured in the frozen peas, continued to simmer in the milk and fish.

I then made a paste using corn flour and milk, poured it into the milk mixture, brought it through the boil again and stirred continuously until thickened.

I then used my trusty hand blender to make the green goo!! Lol

Let’s hope my own little Halloween monster approves…. Fingers crossed.


Roast dinner a la baby

So a Sunday at my parents in law…. We had a lovely afternoon and even better we came home with four dinners for my munchkin!!!
Alex is getting to the stage he is really able to eat most foods as long as they are pretty mushed up…. I’m trying to pulse rather than blend.
So as we all ate our delicious lunch, while little man sat with his chocolate digestive…. Just incase you were wondering I had fed him his lunch earlier.
All the remaining veg and some of the roast beef made Little man four dinners!!!! Yipppeee!!

carrot and parsnip mash,
cauliflower cheese,
mashed potato
a slice of roast beef
some gravy
a little bit of boiling water

Made a yummy tea for him and three more tubs for the freezer!