Creation station experience

My lovely friend booked my son and her daughter into a Creation Station session for Christmas. I had never heard of this new phenomena, but I do now!!

We had to be there for 10.30 the kids were then stripped down to bare feet and bundled into a very fetching all in one creation station suit.


The girl organising the event opened up a discovery bag (a huge furry blanket filled with noisy feely things ). Of course no fear in my monkey he was head first into the pile of new toys!


In this pile was their first experiment … And experiment is the true word. They had to pick a Christmas stencil and then the Creation Station leader attached it to a piece of paper. We then all retreated to the front of the building for the messy paint brush experience. They had a ball and so did the mums!! My little man was more interested in painting his toes green than his king stencil. However we got there in the end, with a lot of crawling, walking, and a little temper tantrum throwing as mummy wanted him to sit!!


We then had the best time every when our feet were actually painted to make our very own “mistle toes”. Which granny very kindly decorated, while I watched to terrible pair while the ate their snack which was provided by creation station.

What an enjoyable but hectic session at Creation Station. I would definitely encourage anyone to go if they get a chance. My little man and his wee friend enjoyed it immensely and have evidence to prove it! Lol



Maryville tearoom

A couple of months ago I went to Maryville Tearooms in Belfast, I love it there. The afternoon tea is gorgeous…. ¬†selection of sandwiches, home-made scones and then little cakes to finish it all off. The tea choice is great too, from Suki flavoured teas to loose black teas, really top class.


However if you have a baby its a no go, well a baby that needs its nappy changed!!

When I asked where I could change my little man’s nappy, I was shown to the communal toilet at the bottom of the stairs. Inside the bathroom I discovered a towelling covered plastic baby mat, which I had to use on the floor. I mentioned earlier that this was a communal toilet; for men and women.

Can you imagine my disgust at having to change my little man on a floor, where people walk and unfortunately men tinkle. This may sound extreme but it was filthy!

Things were made worse by the fact that my little man doesn’t exactly stay still anymore and wanted to roll off the mat on to the dirty floor.

My views on the Maryville Tearooms is lovely, but not baby friendly!!

Rain rain go away come again another day…

What is with this weather?!?

How are we yummy mummies supposed to deal with this wet miserable rain?? Sorry I should change my phrasing… How are we “wet, tired, soggy clothed” mummies supposed to deal with it??

For anyone out there that has a one year old, hyper, independent little person to entertain…. I feel your pain.

Waking up to rain at 6.30 in the morning is tough, but to look outside at half eight and see that it has only got wetter and darker…. And your one year old has started to get tetchy as he wants to be out and about!! It’s hard.

This morning we got up and dressed, had our usual morning routine of bottle, play, breakfast, more play and then dressed. I then decided to brave the weather and get everyone into the car… Chocolate lab comes too!!

Asda…. Oh the joys of somewhere dry!! We spent half an hour wondering around the aisles and little man was a happy bunny. I had the get some birthday cards and he spent the whole time in his seat in the trolley taking the cellophane of the cards! He loved it!!!

It’s hard to entertain a little independent person, but today Asda and their cards had the answer for me. Plus I managed to get some groceries!!!!


Mummy : 1

Wet miserable day : 0

Castle Douglas


Well we are home and very relaxed after our far too short trip to Scotland. My family and I come from Portpatrick, a very small seaside village on the South West of Scotland. Every opportunity I get, I go back to spend some time there and breath in the fresh sea air.

While on our little holiday we decided to go to Castle Douglas for the day, hoping very much so that our monster might sleep on the way there. However wouldn’t you know it, he slept about twenty minutes of the hour and a bit journey.

Castle Douglas is described as being a food town, however i would beg to differ.

We came across one chocolate shop which I have to admit was lovely, we quickly went in and bought four chocolates to sample….. which were delicious. Being me, I asked the shop assistant if all the chocolates were made on the premises or were they bought in…. and to my surprise they were all made in the shop. It was not actually that expensive, ¬£2.15 for four handmade chocolates….. and they really were yummy!!

Our next stop was a couple of children’s clothes shop….. I have yet to meet a mum that can walk past a kids clothes shop that has a 50% sale banner in the window. Needless to say my little man got a little spoiled!!! lol

For lunch we were recommended to try Designs, a cafe/ gallery. I can safely say that i don’t think I will be returning unfortunately. The waitresses were a little more concerned about how they looked and what went on the previous night, instead of thinking about the customers.

On arriving with a crying hungry baby, I went straight to the counter to ask for the baby’s food to be heated….. thank goodness this wasn’t a bother to them (one thumbs up).

However after returning to my seat the waitress appeared right on my tail to ask what we wanted to eat. At this point my husband was trying to wrestle my hungry little man into the highchair and i was trying to sort out his juice cup. I asked if we could have a moment, however after about three minutes, she reappeared. I then understood that if I didnt give her our order she would not give us peace. I hastily ordered a sandwich thing with bacon, brie and cranberry. All i can say is that Paul Hollywood would have had a field day as the bottom of the ciabbata was that soggy i couldnt actually cut through it. yuck!!

Anybody with a baby knows that lunch/ dinner….. really anytime that involves food and a high chair, can be very stressful. Time is precious and rushing a person to make a decision over a menu is not a good idea. In hindsight I should have said…. you know what love, why dont you take over here for a minute and give me a chance to read the menu and then i’ll decide!!!!

That would have given her something to think about.

Beautiful walk

Antrim doesn’t have a lot to offer…. Well that is what people might have said a couple of years ago. However things are changing!!!

A trip to the castle grounds in antrim turned out to be a lovely afternoon.

A new pathway has been designed to take you in among forest, riverside, lakeside, walled gardens and many more nooks and crannies!!!

The gardens are amazing….. Colours galore and the wildlife is amazing. We saw butterflies, squirrels, bumble bees and a Heron!!!



The coffee shop is gorgeous…. Very child friendly and dog friendly too, if you are that way inclined!!

Antrim castle grounds definitely gets the thumbs up from me!!!


And from little man as he munches on his gingernut!