Ok about me and my little family, it’s strange sitting telling a screen about yourself, but here it goes. I’m a new mum of an adorable, determined, happy little boy. We live in co Antrim in Northern Ireland. I have just returned to work as a teacher and my husband is a graphic designer…. You would think this blog would be very professional wouldn’t you, however I am determined to try and do it myself. So please bare with me!!

Alex was born in October last year by caesarean. As a new mum I didn’t have a clue and still don’t of what motherhood brings….. Which has been a very eventful experience! But we are getting there and his smile in the morning as I lift him from his cot is as good enough a reason to smile and forget all the trials of the previous day.

I decided to write this blog as a way of venting my anger at some establishments and also a way of hopefully warning some mums and dads out there of some of the experiences I have had to deal with.

However all is not doom and gloom, I also want to share some amazing things with you all too. So hopefully my blog will be interesting to read but also informative.


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