Clean up or not clean up?

Everyday living with a 19month old and a BIG chocolate labrador I am faced with the decision to disrupt their play and tidy up or to just let things be. The room they are in can usually be found very easily with the trail of destruction they have left ….. It’s like a little treasure trail.
The treasure at the end being my two beautiful boys.

As I am writing this I am looking at one of those trails…



Just as i take a little sigh as to the thought of more tidying up… I look further into the room and discover really things aren’t that bad…. Both boys are happy and content…


And really what’s more important, me having a tidy and organised house at this present moment or me having a happy and peaceful house?

I choose the later, however many perhaps wouldn’t but to me my house comes second…. Well maybe third, or fourth! Lol

I think you get the gist!

( I will now finish my peppermint tea and start to tidy )

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