It’s been a while

So it really has been a while…. And I hope you will forgive me for my absence. With baby two now on the way and a really not so nice bout of sickness and nausea at the start, I am now starting to feel more like myself. However it has been hard!

I am so blessed to be preggers again and I feel so happy about the situation, however this is now….. A couple of months ago was a different story. Well that’s not entirely true…. I still felt blessed and was very happy, though along with that came extremes …. Nausea ( all the time ), vomiting uncontrollably about two/ three times a week, tiredness so bad I could have slept at any time of day.

Yeah I know what some of you are thinking….. You did it! Yes I did…. And I wouldn’t change it for the world. But the second pregnancy when you have a one year old who needs mummy’s full attention is much harder than I had ever expected!!

However now that I am (hopefully) over this first little hurdle I can start to enjoy myself again. I hate these people that moan through pregnancy…. So I promise my little bit of moaning is well and truly over. It’s all good from now on….. Promise!

This morning when daddy was tending to our unruly garden for the first time this year, I tended to our gorgeous little man and some cleaning at the same time….

Here is little man’s Sunday morning masterpiece ( with a little help from mummy )



…. Here is poor daddy still working hard!!