Love this recipe, something me and my monster will be trying out.

Details, naturally


I am not good at blogging. A good blogger starts talking about Thanksgiving a month before Thanksgiving, a good blogger posts recipes for Easter a week before Easter, so that people can actually use the recipe, a good bloggerbakes Christmas cookies in November.. I am not a good blogger.

Two days ago Holland celebrated Sinterklaas; this is my (late) post about it. It is my favorite time of the year, but also the most hectic. So many things happen and so many things have to be arranged that the Internet passes on the background of life. Roberto and I celebrated it on Monday, because Sinterklaas had a heavy gift for me (geez, I still can’t believe what I got!!), and couldn’t travel around the Netherlands with it, so he decided to stop early at my place. We lit candles, sang songs, ate chocolate and pepernoten and unwrapped presents. Such a…

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