Haddock and pea mush

Since it is Halloween I thought I would experiment with green food for my own little monster…

My invention…. Edible green goo!!!

Two pieces of boneless haddock
Handful of frozen peas
250 ml of full fat milk.

I poached the haddock in a sauté pan in the milk, removed the skin when it was cooked through. You can tell this as the fish turns opaque white, rather than the see through raw white in comes as.

The skin peels off very easily using a kitchen knife. I then poured in the frozen peas, continued to simmer in the milk and fish.

I then made a paste using corn flour and milk, poured it into the milk mixture, brought it through the boil again and stirred continuously until thickened.

I then used my trusty hand blender to make the green goo!! Lol

Let’s hope my own little Halloween monster approves…. Fingers crossed.


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