Baby in boot??

I just don’t get this!! For anyone out there reading this post that does not have a clue what I’m chatting about, I will try to explain.

Today on a national news site there is an article concerning a baby being found living in a boot of a car by a mechanic!!

I know…. Shock horror was the first thing that happened to me. How can a baby live in a boot?!?

This child it has been reported has subsequent developmental delays and growth problems!!! How the heavens could the poor mite not be suffering?!

I can not for the life of me understand why something like this happens. We are in 2013 and a poor baby has been found in a boot…. And more to the point the mother it has been reported thinks this is not strange.

I am flabbergasted! The world is a strange and even more strange place when you read the news.

Perhaps we shouldn’t read the news, perhaps we are better living without the shock of humanity! The fear of human nature. Because let’s face it…. It’s us humans that are doing these horrendous things.

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