M&S lunchtime treat.

So the day has finally come when I can sit and enjoy a cappuccino adm my little man can eat his lunch.

Every place I go I have to bring a lunch for my little man, until last week. I thought I would be brave and let him experience a proper wee lunch out.

M&S haven’t been the most accommodating of places when it comes to baby food. The only way they are willing to hear up baby food is in a jug of hot water. This is in itself a dangerous experience, with a jug of roasting hot water with a floating tub of food in it. My little man is reaching for everything, and did on occasion spill the jug over himself…. Thank goodness it was cool.

I also do not have complete confidence in heating with hot water, especially when it comes to chicken, fish or any other meat dishes.

However, all I can say is their toddler meals are FABULOUS!! Little man agrees whole heartedly!!




Cheese and ham toastie… Cut into the tiniest pieces! He loved it!!

A cheese stick … Messy but nice!!

Two Percy pig ginger biscuits …. One for lunch and one saved for a snack later!

A delicious banana and strawberry smoothie…. Which he adored!!

An apple…. No teeth so mummy had to sample this!

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