Working mum

So I’ve been back to work for five weeks and this is the first time I have been able to blog.

Being a mum and working part time is exhausting…. I can only imagine what it’s like working full time!!!

My little man has started getting up every morning at half six, which I know I can’t complain about, as he sleeps from seven in the evenings. However at 6.30 in the morning, no matter what time I have gone to bed at the night before, I am EXHAUSTED!!

Mornings are hectic…. Bum changed, bottle, play, breakfast, car journey, granny’s house and then me to work. You can imagine there isn’t much time available for me to see to myself. The days of makeup, clean hair, and respectable outfit are long gone.

Work is go, go, go from the minute I step into my class room until the minute a step out. Then it’s rush, rush, rush to get to lift my monkey at his granny’s and then more rushing to get home for dinner.

Dinner time can go two ways…. Depending on the amount of quality sleep monster has had in the afternoon. It usually revolves around a crying one year old who won’t let his mummy out of his sight, who wants fed but doesn’t want to be strapped into his high chair. Who then wants to be free to roam around the kitchen pulling pots and pans out and trying to climb up the kitchen cupboards!!

However on a good day, he sits and laughs at the table while he eats and we eat. However difficult it is we try to eat at the table together. These days are few and far between…. So when they do happen we rejoice!!!

However no matter what kinda day we’ve all had….. Out bedtime routine of fun in the bath, tickles before bed with daddy and then cuddles with mummy at bottle time never changes!! The life of a mummy is hard work but AMAZING.


This was a good day at tea time…. Smiles are much better than tears!!!

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