Baby in boot??

I just don’t get this!! For anyone out there reading this post that does not have a clue what I’m chatting about, I will try to explain.

Today on a national news site there is an article concerning a baby being found living in a boot of a car by a mechanic!!

I know…. Shock horror was the first thing that happened to me. How can a baby live in a boot?!?

This child it has been reported has subsequent developmental delays and growth problems!!! How the heavens could the poor mite not be suffering?!

I can not for the life of me understand why something like this happens. We are in 2013 and a poor baby has been found in a boot…. And more to the point the mother it has been reported thinks this is not strange.

I am flabbergasted! The world is a strange and even more strange place when you read the news.

Perhaps we shouldn’t read the news, perhaps we are better living without the shock of humanity! The fear of human nature. Because let’s face it…. It’s us humans that are doing these horrendous things.

Rain rain go away come again another day…

What is with this weather?!?

How are we yummy mummies supposed to deal with this wet miserable rain?? Sorry I should change my phrasing… How are we “wet, tired, soggy clothed” mummies supposed to deal with it??

For anyone out there that has a one year old, hyper, independent little person to entertain…. I feel your pain.

Waking up to rain at 6.30 in the morning is tough, but to look outside at half eight and see that it has only got wetter and darker…. And your one year old has started to get tetchy as he wants to be out and about!! It’s hard.

This morning we got up and dressed, had our usual morning routine of bottle, play, breakfast, more play and then dressed. I then decided to brave the weather and get everyone into the car… Chocolate lab comes too!!

Asda…. Oh the joys of somewhere dry!! We spent half an hour wondering around the aisles and little man was a happy bunny. I had the get some birthday cards and he spent the whole time in his seat in the trolley taking the cellophane of the cards! He loved it!!!

It’s hard to entertain a little independent person, but today Asda and their cards had the answer for me. Plus I managed to get some groceries!!!!


Mummy : 1

Wet miserable day : 0

Early morning October walk

When the clocks change for the winter most people want to weep… I was one of those people this morning.

Up at 6.48 with a little man demanding his mummy’s attention…. However when I looked at my trusted iPhone….. I knew it was actually 5.48 and oh did I feel that urge to weep!!!

But as all mums out there know when you have a little person wanting their breakfast bottle while trying to pull your unwashed hair…. Weep all you want but we must keep going!!

This morning after our nappy change wriggle fest and our disgruntled breakfast session…. I decided to bare the cold and go for an October walk!!

The rain cover on and off we went….


The autumn leaves blowing in the wind brought shrieks of laughter to my happy little kicking man!! He kicked and shrieked and oh’d and ah’d until he was out for the count.

The fresh air worked wonders for him and me…. I no longer had that early morning headache and I could walk home quickly and sit in the garden still rocking the buggy and have a quick alfresco coffee.

Don’t you just love those blustery mornings?!?!



M&S lunchtime treat.

So the day has finally come when I can sit and enjoy a cappuccino adm my little man can eat his lunch.

Every place I go I have to bring a lunch for my little man, until last week. I thought I would be brave and let him experience a proper wee lunch out.

M&S haven’t been the most accommodating of places when it comes to baby food. The only way they are willing to hear up baby food is in a jug of hot water. This is in itself a dangerous experience, with a jug of roasting hot water with a floating tub of food in it. My little man is reaching for everything, and did on occasion spill the jug over himself…. Thank goodness it was cool.

I also do not have complete confidence in heating with hot water, especially when it comes to chicken, fish or any other meat dishes.

However, all I can say is their toddler meals are FABULOUS!! Little man agrees whole heartedly!!




Cheese and ham toastie… Cut into the tiniest pieces! He loved it!!

A cheese stick … Messy but nice!!

Two Percy pig ginger biscuits …. One for lunch and one saved for a snack later!

A delicious banana and strawberry smoothie…. Which he adored!!

An apple…. No teeth so mummy had to sample this!

Working mum

So I’ve been back to work for five weeks and this is the first time I have been able to blog.

Being a mum and working part time is exhausting…. I can only imagine what it’s like working full time!!!

My little man has started getting up every morning at half six, which I know I can’t complain about, as he sleeps from seven in the evenings. However at 6.30 in the morning, no matter what time I have gone to bed at the night before, I am EXHAUSTED!!

Mornings are hectic…. Bum changed, bottle, play, breakfast, car journey, granny’s house and then me to work. You can imagine there isn’t much time available for me to see to myself. The days of makeup, clean hair, and respectable outfit are long gone.

Work is go, go, go from the minute I step into my class room until the minute a step out. Then it’s rush, rush, rush to get to lift my monkey at his granny’s and then more rushing to get home for dinner.

Dinner time can go two ways…. Depending on the amount of quality sleep monster has had in the afternoon. It usually revolves around a crying one year old who won’t let his mummy out of his sight, who wants fed but doesn’t want to be strapped into his high chair. Who then wants to be free to roam around the kitchen pulling pots and pans out and trying to climb up the kitchen cupboards!!

However on a good day, he sits and laughs at the table while he eats and we eat. However difficult it is we try to eat at the table together. These days are few and far between…. So when they do happen we rejoice!!!

However no matter what kinda day we’ve all had….. Out bedtime routine of fun in the bath, tickles before bed with daddy and then cuddles with mummy at bottle time never changes!! The life of a mummy is hard work but AMAZING.


This was a good day at tea time…. Smiles are much better than tears!!!