My husband and I were lucky enough to have a “date night”, well really it was a “date weekend”. My amazing parents agreed to have our little monster for the night.

We stayed in the Hilton in Belfast for the night and ate out for lunch and dinner, had a few relaxing drinks in the afternoon and did the Belfast tourist thing….. even though we actually only live about 20 mins away!!

We had a ball and I have to admit I do feel refreshed after having a wee lie in this morning!! its amazing the difference you feel after sleeping past 7 o’clock… and not waking up to a little person shouting for you. 

Yesterday we stumbled across the MAC in Belfast’s up and coming St Annes Square. The Canteen at the Mac was yummy…. we had our first little glass of wine here to start the weekend off. The staff were lovely, very friendly and approachable. We had the tapas between us, three plates in total and a couple of glasses of wine… the bill came to in and around £15. I thought this was really good, especially as everything was so tasty and the wine was definitely worth wanting another glass (but as I am a little out of practice, I passed on this occasion).

The reason I am telling you about the Mac is not just because of the yummy food and tasty wine, but because of the amazing kids shows and classes they have available. Unfortunately my baby is still a little too young to enjoy any of these wonderful events, however as a mum I couldn’t help myself and had to have a nosey at the leaflet. It definitely will be somewhere we will be frequenting when he is old enough to take part, and to make things even more enjoyable for kids there was a street circus act happening in the square outside.

Belfast is really becoming the place to be!! We had a lovely weekend, very relaxing and ate in some lovely restaurants. We came home to a little man who had enjoyed himself immensely and been bought his first ice cream cone just for himself…. grandparents just cant help themselves!!  


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