High chair toast


Any parent will know that sometimes the high chair can be the last place your baby/ toddler wants to be. However when it comes to dinner/ lunch time, the high chair is the safest and easiest place to have your child.

Trust me I have tried everything from feeding him his dinner in my arms, while he is sitting on the floor with his toys and even when he is crawling around the floor….. All to stop a crying session.

My mum came in one day and experienced the crying match surrounding the high chair and within two minutes had turned the whole situation round.

We call it high chair toast….
A bit of toasted and buttered bread cut into tiny pieces.



The outcome is amazing….

~feeding themselves
~working on their fine motor…. Pincer grip
~concentrating on the small pieces of toast, what they feel, taste and smell like.

And when they are doing all this they are being quiet!!! Yipppeeee

And you can also feed them their dinner in between buttery toast mouthfuls!! Which is the outcome we all hope for…. A tantrum free successful feeding time!


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