Playpen trick

My little man doesn’t enjoy being left alone for any length of time in his playpen…. He likes his freedom. Since he learned to climb, crawl and understand that in his playpen he is trapped, we have had a playpen standoff!!

So I’m trying lots of different techniques and am very keen for any other suggestions. Today I’ve put all his toys in a hessian shopper bag allowing him to pull them out and investigate…. So far it’s not going too well…. But I’ll keep you posted …. Fingers crossed!!!

Ps perhaps it’s because it is nearly breakfast time!!





Round one of the playpen trick….

Didn’t work too well, i tried it later in the day after little man had been fed and watered and entertained for while, it was a disaster.


Round two….

However today i tried a new technique of giving him his bottle in the playpen after i had given him most of it, he lay happily playing with the remainder of it in the pen, I also had moved the playpen into the living room so he had the tv to look at and me. He actually sat/lay very content for about half an hour!!!

I managed to get the ironing done and little man managed to have some down time, on his own!!

I really think I’m going to try to persevere with the play pen, I think it is important that he can play happily by himself and not need constant attention. He has a knack of loving a toy for about 2 mins and then throwing it down and looking for something else…. is this normal at ten months??

Round three….

We have come on our wee end of summer get away, to stay with my grandmother in Scotland…. Portpatrick to be exact. Needless to say we had to get a travel cot and after a brilliant nights sleep last night, we thought we’d try it out as a makeshift playpen this morning.

So off came the natural fleece Alex sleeps with and in went a few toys. He was great because there was only a fewtoys…. Maybe three in total. He seemed more focused on the toys that was there and enjoyed playing with them.

There was also a full length mirror attached to the wall which was beside the cot. He enjoyed standing on his tippy toes looking at himself…. He gets this from his father!!! Lol.

So perhaps fewer toys and maybe a visible mirror is the way forward…. Will retry tomorrow morning and keep you updated.


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