Maxi cosi pearl



This week my little baby boy has become less a baby and more like a toddler!! He is ten month and we have persevered with the rear facing car seat for long enough. I was very reluctant about changing him to a front facing seat as I had read all the safety issues etc with front facing when they are too young.

However when my monster was able to turn himself around in his old pebble maxi cosi seat and scream mama at me while I was driving I knew the time had come.

As we have the family fix base the pearl was the next jump up for us. The base is a genuine must for any new parent…. Amazing!!!

Please please consider it if you are pregnant and buying all the needed equipment. It seems like an extra that is not completely necessary…. But believe me after trying to get a pram into the car a baby in the baby seat into the car using a seat belt in the pouring rain…. It is necessary.

The maxi cosi pearl is a very comfy step up from the pebble…. So far, a thumbs up from us!!


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