What a day…


Where to start….

One of those days you just want to crawl back into bed and start over!!
My lovely navy pumps might not be up to much but I love them…. Massimo dutti really does know how to make shoes!! Well they were pretty much ready for the bin today after a trip to homebase.

I went to homebase with my dear friend for her to look at outside paint for her pretty little shed. Standing in the aisle looking at colours of paint and entertaining my little man in the trolley…. When all I can say a bomb went off.

Well it wasn’t actually a bomb ( thank goodness) but it sounded like one. This silly woman behind us tipped a whole tin of paint on the floor…. The bang was unbelievable. All I could think about was my little man and if he was ok.

When I turned round after a few seconds I discovered my gorgeous pumps and jeans were covered. The woman apologised and then disappeared.

Unbelievable my luck, though the manager in home base took my details and said she would contact me regarding the situation.

Though all is not lost….. I have therefore discovered that a very brisk rub of a baby wipe (huggies) takes oil based outside coprinol paint off navy leather. Now they are by no means like what the used to be but they are atleast wearable around the house.

A trick of the trade….. Being a mummy can come in handy sometimes!! Lol


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