A day at Mount Stewart

What has the world come to when you need to phone somewhere in advance to see if they will heat up your baby food, I should perhaps clarify that it is home made baby food I am talking about. I will post later about some of my horrific “out about mum” experiences.

Today was a good day… We decided to take our little man to Mount Stewart in Co Down for a day out. I would say for the day, but to be realistic after you have breakfasted, walked the legs off yourself trying to get him to sleep and then packed the car with all the necessary essentials, half the day is over. But we prevailed and Co Down was our x marks the spot place.

I decided to ring in advance as I was not getting stuck again. I have a real hate for places that point blank refuse to heat your home made baby food for you. Don’t even get me started on all the places that have refused me. Needless to say I have become quite savvy in this area of motherhood and have started to ring in advance.

The woman that answered the phone was another mummy who knew how important this issue was and went and clarified with the restaurant in advance. They were more than happy to heat my monkey’s lentil, carrot and parsnip soup.

The restaurant/ cafe was lovely….. Beautiful homemade lunches available and delicious cakes and biscuits. As a recent mum I refrained from tasting the sweet treats as I am, like so many other new mums trying to lose the remaining baby bulge.

My husband is not eating wheat foods at the moment and there was ample choices for him, the high chairs were great….. On wheels! We started outside but the warm sunny day brought wasps, so we had to wheel Alex inside….. Which he loved.

After lunch we went for a walk around the gardens, which was lovely. We didn’t avail of the guided tour of the house and garden, as with a baby you can understand a tour maybe isn’t the best idea.

All in all, we had a lovely day and my little man was able to eat his homemade lunch. Mount Stewart is definitely a baby friendly place to visit and I can safely say my little family will be back and next time we will be bringing our big loveable family dog…. Benson.




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